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Is there an emotional rollercoaster waiting for you and your child every afternoon, as they hunker over their homework? You almost wish you could do it for them, your help is limited.


There are often tears & frustration and sleepless nights, there is much worry about getting good grades, looming tests or simply not understanding the class material.


Did you know that a child’s early experiences and feelings about homework, studying and test-taking can greatly affect their academic career, well into university and beyond?


Constant anxiety and lack of sleep can also affect their health and overall well-being!

The TK Academy Back to School

You are not alone.


In fact, today’s parents have more homework stress and kids feel more demands & pressure than ever before.


What if there was a set of easily learned skills that when put into practice would reduce homework anxiety, help your children feel more confident, and yes – help them get better grades in all subjects, so they can have more choices and opportunities in life.


Imagine if your children actually did not mind schoolwork but felt excited at the prospect of learning new things?


What if spending time with your kids was not only a battle to get them to do their homework every night but included playtime, outdoor exploration, evening relaxing time, family time, board games, peaceful dinners, laughing and bonding?

Imagine your child doing their homework with ease.

The TK Academy Design

About Us

We guide your children with subject-specific tutoring to help them excel at math, languages or sciences but just as importantly, we also focus on a crucial set of study-skills that create lifelong learners through our signature process called “Lifelong Learning™”

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The TK Academy is on a mission to create a generation of lifelong learners, to give children vital skills they need to succeed – skills that they do not focus on in school. 


The TK Academy Design


Custom learning for individuals or schools using our Lifelong Learning™ Process.


Subject specific concepts & principles for a deep-rooted & thorough understanding of subject material.


We understand the value of education & having the right tools to achieve academic excellence. We know there is no better formula for success!

Lifelong Learning ™

Personalized one-on-one attention, subject -specific tutoring, as well as crucial study skills through our Lifelong Learning™ process.

The TK Academy Design

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The TK Academy Design

Meet Our Founder

Hi I am Tannaz Kazemian, founder of  TK Academy ! As a kid, I loved learning but the truth is, I only learned good study habits at university, which led to a lot of challenges, setbacks and stress during elementary, high school and college.

Once I had a full set of study skills, and understood how to approach learning, I saw the immense difference it made.

Tannaz Kazemian

Bachelor of Arts Specialization in Early Childhood and Elementary Education