SUMMER CAMP | The Tk Academy
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Cultivating a love of learning & inspiring a generation of Lifelong Learners™

Holistic summer camp

with the goal of helping children see their beautiful light and true potential.

Heart centered activities to help children with:

– Self- awareness 
– Self reliance
– Empathy
– Intuition
– Social skills
– Regulation of emotions
– Self love

What children will learn:

Adventure skills
Artistic talents
To meditate
To be themselves
Freedom to blossom into their true self
Manage daily schedules
Leadership skills

Help you child/children unplug this summer and see the magic that the Universe has to offer!!!


Call TK Academy for

  • Help with homework for all subjects including, but not limited to: math & math word problem strategies, languages, sciences, history.
  • Subject specific concepts & principles for a deep-rooted & thorough understanding of subject material
  • Study skills that will last them well into adult life
  • How to create proper study notes
  • Positive attitude & motivation
  • Setting & achieving goals, keeping track of progress
  • Reflection, self-awareness & coping mechanisms in order to continuously improve and reach higher levels of performance
  • Time management & organizational skills
  • Reading comprehension skills & reading development skills
  • Exam preparation tutoring & workshops
  • Activities that included all senses – the BEST way to learn!
  • We can recommend from our team of specialists when deemed necessary


TK Academy follows the competencies set by the Minister of Education of Quebec!

We provide progress reports and parent meetings when necessary.

Solutions and success for your students is just a phone call away: 514-516-6377

Or email to to see if TK Academy is right for your students!