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About Us

We guide your children with subject-specific tutoring to help them excel.
The TK Academy Design

Our Philosophy

We help your children with subject specific schoolwork, we also teach important skills that are simply not taught in the classroom. Skills that are vital to their academic success throughout their lives.


How does it feel witnessing the glow of pride and accomplishment on your child’s face, because of their (school) performance?


Imagine your child actually doing their homework with ease and being able to do it independently? (Without you having to chase them, bargain, plead or bribe).


What if your child could get excited about learning new things in school?


TK Academy brings a unique approach that cultivates your child’s love of learning.

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The TK Academy Design

Meet Our Founder

Hi I am Tannaz Kazemian, founder of  TK Academy ! As a kid, I loved learning but the truth is, I only learned good study habits at university, which led to a lot of challenges, setbacks and stress during elementary, high school and college.


Bachelor of Arts Specialization in Early Childhood and Elementary Education

Once I had an easily set of study skills, and understood how to approach learning, I saw the IMMENSE difference it made.


I earned my Bachelor of Arts specialization in early childhood and elementary education, and new that I wanted to bring a different approach to teaching. My mission and the mission of TK Academia is all about helping kids with the things that they are simply not taught in school, that cannot only make or break their academic career and minimize their options later in life, but more than that, it can crush a child’s spirit, natural curiosity, their imagination and yes, their natural love of learning that lurks behind every “I can’t do it” “this is too hard” . This unfortunately hinders their future aspirations.


I strongly believe that good study habits should be introduced as soon as kindergarten level which is why I do what I do. I want children/ students to learn about these skills at an early phase so that they can be equipped with the tools to not only be academically successful but also to enjoy the process without having to worry so much about school all the time.


Some amount of stress is normal, but frustration, worry and fear don’t have to consume your child’s life – or yours.