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Back to School

Back to school could be a hectic time for many families. Switching from summer days with little routine to more structured days can be challenging not only for the children but also for the parents.

Here are some tips to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Getting Back to School Mode


  1. The Excitement of Back to School

Having a positive outlook on going back to school as a parent will help your children view the experience in the same view. Get excited about the new school year. Express all the positives related to starting a fresh new school year. Talk about how you felt as a kid around the same time of year. Get excited about all the new learning that is ahead of them.

  1. Lower their Anxiety

Some children become very stressed at the thought of going back to school. The thought of those long summer nights coming to an end and having to go back to the old school routine is difficult for some students to deal with. Breathing exercises, according to our Mindbody Connection Coach, can help children dramatically reduce their stress level. A calmer more conscious mind helps children put things into perspective.

  1. Set Goals

Reflect on the last school year together. Discuss what went well but also discuss the challenges that your child faced. Create specific goals and steps to achieve the goals using a goals management document. Email us to get a copy.

  1. Support

It is important for your child to know about the resources and the support that are available. Students need to be aware of different ways to cope with new challenges. Knowing who to turn to is critical. Making your child feel that there is no challenge too big is a huge step towards self-confidence and in turn towards academic success.

  1. Study Area

An organized space with all the necessary materials like pencils, erasers, notebooks, dictionaries and so forth, allows children to optimize their study sessions while minimizing the amount of distractions. Nathalie, our Professional Organizer – ADHD Specialist, suggests creating a study environment that is conducive to learning. With an organized study space, your children will be more focussed and less anxious while doing school work, which will therefore help them be more efficient.



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